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I was delighted to be part of a teenager's dream.

Her name is Belinda Adams, from Bendigo. She was invited to participate in Miss Country Girl Australia 2011 acouple months ago. Around the same time I got a call from one of the organizers, Estela Linares Tapia, inviting me to sponsor and to design a gown for one of the girls. Such short notice but my answer was Yes! I requested pictures and measurments immediately so I could start the search process for textures, colors, styles and concepts.

The search was not easy, especialy when you have to work with such a beautiful and innocent I decided to dream about it as if I was in her shoes!

I decided a Princess dress, long gown with a double layer of green silk chiffon around the waist but in a strapless version, light weight fabric easy for her to walk around the stage.

The second design was one I called Tropical Zest, because of it's Orange cotton lycra style, long elegant cocktail dress with a spagetti strap top and a slit on the side, that she could wear for the after party event.

The other project that I have in mind is to organize a fitting for my garments in a setting that would be the showcase for gorgeous pictures for Belinda as well as she did not have any professional portfolio or pictures for MCGA web site!...

When I finished the garments I called Browyn J. Morrison, amazing Interior Designer and Fashion Photographer to see if she will accept my invitation to participate in such a rushed project.....Her answer was: 'next sunday afternoon in my House Chely?!'...I said: 'see you then'!.....the rest is history~

I hope this inspiration to others to follow their dreams no matter what!

My motto is 'Never stop dreaming because dreams come true'.... this amazing memoir is one I am sharing with you!.

I will always be thankful of Craig Hawke, my gorgeous husband, my biggest inspiration and the believer of my 'Dreams"...You walking beside me in every step we do my love...without You, I wouldn't be so passionnate and creative with my projects. Thank you again to believe in me! I love you so much!.

Estela Linares Tapia, what a wonderful warrior lady! Thank you for believing in me too! Thank you for the invititation to participate in Miss Country Girl Australia of 2011!.

Browyn Morrison, an amazing spirit and talent and another warrior lady! Spectacular set of Fashionable pictures for Belinda Adams, Bravo!!!

My daughther, Francescca to keep me alive with your energy and your loving presence, I love you so much! Thank you for believing in Mummy!

Enjoy this amazing album, made with love, care and dedication for a "girl's dream that came true".....

Chely Hawke.
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